Thank you very much for visiting the website of ADVANCE co. ltd.
We are a real-estate company in "Hayama", specialized in high-end luxury properties.
Hayama is known as a high-class resort area close to Tokyo city, and extensive Hayama area (Hayama, Akiya, and Zushi) is known as cozy beach town small but so beautiful, surrounded by seas and mountains.

We know many wonderful places we would like to introduce you, and stylish people around here are spending their life in a simple and cozy way.
Eating fresh seafood and local vegetables... Enjoying the beach and the mountains...
Children are playing and running through the beach and in the mountains...
You may find there is something alike to your hometown.
Some of our customers say they feel nostalgic when they come to Hayama.

As a second-house to get a short-time break from your busy time in Tokyo, as a dwelling place for people working at the Yokosuka naval base...

Our belief is to value our relationship with customers who have chosen us to find a property by a happy chance. And no matter what, we would like to be your help to have a meaningful moment of your life by making communication important above all.
In both of you looking for rent house or house for sale, please feel free to contact to us, Advance, co. ltd. We can surely be of assistance.

*Sometimes, finding right property at your right timing depends on your "Luck". If you're lucky, we can introduce the property exactly you want just in good timing. However, as the number of properties in Hayama area is limited compared to city center area. So please understand that we may have to hold you in our waiting list to look for an ideal place for you.

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